This is the first commercial test instrument to quantitatively measure the tackiness and adhesion properties of greases and other lubricating materials.

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 Standards and methods

  • Proposed ASTM Standard method
    • The stylus (a 3 mm copper ball) is pushed into the grease sample with controlled force. Motion is then reversed to effect the retraction of the ball from the grease sample. This motion is made at a precisely controlled initial acceleration and speed. During the test operation, a highly accurate and precise measurement system is used to record the force of the ball moving within the grease. High speed data collection makes detection of small changes in force measurement possible. Retraction can be programmed with different speeds and initial accelerations up to 80 m/s2. The grease sample can be heated to temperatures from ambient (no heat applied) to 100°C. Other geometries and materials can be used for the stylus.