Custom methods @Falex Tribology

We are constantly developing new methods. Very specific tribological issues in industry require a very specific approach to testing.

When standard tests can not give the right answers, we work out a testing methodology that provides the information needed. This can be for material or lubricant selections, design optimisations, failure investigations, product development, processing problems,...

Our approach is holistic, but before we can decide on a specific test instrument and procedure, we will need to :

- find out as many details about the industrial situation as possible

- determine the wear mechanism in reality, this needs to be reproduced in the lab

- estimate mechanical parameters (speeds, pressures, temperatures, duration), these need to be replicated as close as possible

- find out what test pieces can be sourced or made

- propose and validate test parameters (trial-and-optimisation process)

When we have a good idea about the needs of the client, the industrial situation, the restrictions on test pieces, time and budget, we can propose a custom test program

We will end up with a tailored program that gives our client as much relevant, reliable and repeatable information as possible with the minimum amount of investment

Because we can choose the optimal test tool, we are not limited by geometries

Our customers testify, that we are efficient and smart in developing the optimum custom test programs with them, illustrated by the fact that more than 50% of our annual turnover comes from custom test projects.

So you can be the next !