Falex Ball on 3-Disk

Falex Ball on 3-Disk

  • This compact and portable tester is a dedicated 'light load' Ball on Four Disks tester, a variation to the 4-ball tests.  The result of a development to measure lubricity of low viscosity fuels (specifically diesels), the tester has one purpose : perform a low speed, low load wear test.
  • The test stand incorporates an upper 1/2 inch diamter ball rotating at 60 rpm against three 1/4 inch diameter disks in a tetrahedral orientation.
  • Ceramic ball and standardized disks for repeatability
  • Proven correlation with diesel pump wear
  • Recently also used to evaluate small differences in anti-wear properties of aqueous emulsions
  • Variations : test duration, ball material, emulsion
    • rubber ball and sand emulsion for mild abrasion tests
    • WC ball and cutting emulsions for wear on tools
  • ASTM methods : pending/drafted ASTM Method, but unpublished
  • Equipment description (pdf)


24 March 2017


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