Falex Miller Number Slurry

Falex Miller Number Slurry

  • The Falex Miller Number Slurry Abrasivity Test Machine  develops data on the relative abrasivity of any slurry (Miller Number), or response of different materials to abrasivity of slurries (SAR Number).  
  • Contrary to the dry sand rubber wheel abrasion test, or the steel wheel slurry abrasion test, this method creates a less severe abrasion in liquid media, as encountered in e.g. pumping equipment
    • Miller Number  = indicates the abrasiveness of a given slurry, when tested against the standardized Miller Crsteel blocks.  A standardized way to compare the abrasiveness of a slurry.
    • Slurry Abrasivity Response (SAR) Number = indicates the resistance of a material against any given slurry.
    • Relative comparison of material slurry abrasion wear resistance = materials can be ceramics, polymer composites, metal alloys, coatings etc.



24 February 2017


Multistation wear generators, Abrasion
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