10-station Wear Generator

10-station Wear Generator

  • Based on a block-on-rod geometry
  • Minimized run-out
  • Long rod (540 mm) can be countermaterial or material/coating under investigation
  • 10 stations individually loaded with same load for all 10
    • 10 data points per test run
    • 10 stations can be shifted along the rod : up to 40 tests per rod for block on rod, even more for crossed cylinder on rod
  • Rotating or oscillating motion of the rod
  • Long duration wear tests efficiently done
  • Statistics available
  • Lubrication or abrasive contamination possible

  • No standard methods yet
  • Examples in our blog and download area
  • Currently used in the lab for evaluation (TRL6)


02 May 2017


Multistation wear generators
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