Falex Multispecimen Tester

Falex Multispecimen Tester

  • The Falex Multispecimen machine allows us an easy mounting of point, line or area contacts in a rotating geometry.  So a large variation of contact conditions can be simulated.
  • Heating up to 150C°, and lubricant enclosures, allows testing under various conditions.
  • Online measurement of the online 'wear' evolution, temperatures, loads, speeds and friction force for automated testing.
  • Extremely low speed adapter allows measurement of static coefficient of friction, or simulating stick-slip phenomena
  • High speed configurations (up to 7200 rpm) allow testing these particular conditions
  • With 5" or 125 mm vertical space, smaller components or parts thereof can be tested directly in the machine (bearings, sliding parts, valves, bottles, rings, ...)


24 March 2017


Lubricants and Material Tribometers
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