Falex Dry Sand/Rubber Wheel

Falex Dry Sand/Rubber Wheel

  • Dry sand or wet sand 2-body abrasion tester for materials
  • The rubber wheel moves hard abrasive particles (e.g. sand) over the material under investigation, creating severe 3rd body abrasion
  • Sand flow and wheel speed are calibrated, to ensure that a constant amount of abrasive particles are dragged over the material
    • Repeatable rubber rim hardness, and a non-wearing sand nozzle contribute to an improved repeatability of the method
    • Fresh hard particles are constantly fed to eliminate the risk of attrition. ¬†Particles can be modified depending on user conditions
    • Tests in wet slurry or against different wheels have been developed to vary the test conditions
  • Modifications of test methods are possible


01 March 2017


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