Falex Pin & Vee Block Tester

Falex Pin & Vee Block Tester

  • This is the classic and first ever standardized lubricant tribology property tester, even before the word 'tribology' was coined.  Invented in 1929 it became the standard method to compare wear, friction and extreme pressure properties of lubricants long before other methods.
  • The equipment rotates a ¼ inch diameter test pin against two ½ inch diameter vee blocks under load.  A four line contact is established as load is applied through a mechanical gage by a ratchet wheel and an eccentric arm.
  • The instrument is unique in offering both anti-wear and extreme pressure test methods in a portable (or 'moveable') instrument.
  • Extensively used to evaluate EP properties for cutting, forming and rolling liquids, but equally useful for hydraulic fluids, engine oils, cleaning lubricants, solid lubricant coatings etc.
  • Emulsions can be tested easily by recirculation or direct injection in the contact.

  • ASTM methods : D2670 – D2625 – D3233 - D5620
  • FTM-791-3807.1 - FTM-791-3812.1 - IP 241
  • Various customized method variations with recirculating or injected liquids
  • Equipment description (pdf)


24 March 2017


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