Falex 4-Ball Wear Tester

Falex 4-Ball Wear Tester

  • Specially designed version of the 4 ball tester, to measure anti-wear properties of lubricants and greases in a sliding four-ball point contact 
  • In contrast to Extreme Pressure instruments, the Wear machine has higher precision spindle for less runout at low loads, precision cups and loading system, to conform to the ASTM demands for high precision
  • Systems exist with fixed speed drive (only ASTM Anti-wear methods) and variable speed drive and variable loading system (ASTM and other methods, increasing load method, more flexibility)
  • Relatively simple setup, low cost of test specimens (4 high polish, high roundness bearing balls)
    • Three ½ inch diameter steel balls are clamped together and covered with the test lubricant. A fourth ball is pressed into the cavity formed by the three clamped balls for three-point contact, and rotated for a set duration.
  • Easy determination of an 'anti-wear' property by measurement of 3 ball scars by optical microscopy


24 March 2017


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