Falex Block On Ring Tester

Falex Block On Ring Tester

  • The basic configuration is a very stable line contact of a block on a rotating or oscillating ring.  This allows simulation of a lot of moving parts, such as journal bearings, piston rings, crankshafts, etc.
  • Capable of simulating a variety of field conditions, the Falex Block-on-Ring Test Machine evaluates the friction and wear characteristics of materials and lubricants in research, quality control, and technical service applications. Tests are typically performed using a flat (HP) block for single line contact, but conforming blocks for area contact may also be used.
  • The enclosed chamber allows heating control, as well as a gas-saturated environment
  • Lubricants can be recirculated and passed through additional sensors



24 March 2017


Lubricants and Material Tribometers
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