We have demonstrated the first commercial version of our TAA Tackiness and Adhesion Analyzer last week at the ELGI Fall meetings in Amsterdam.

This is now a commercially available product, and the only system that is capable of measuring not only 'stickiness' (or the adhesive force of a grease or adhesive) but also its 'tackiness', being the ability to form threads.

See more about this instrument in the following application studies :





Thread length and separation energy, as a function of test parameters separation velocity, temperature, indentation body and compression can be easily measured. 'test recipes' can be programmed to automatically test a grease over a range of parameters and obtain the test data ready for analysis macro (included)

Besides tackiness of a grease or other visco-plastic product, we can also easily measure the adhesion between engineering bodies, such as the stickiness of a tape, or the stickiness/threadiness of cosmetic creams of hair gels.