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Evaluate forming processes on the lab scale using the Falex Multispecimen forming adapter


In an industrial forming operation, the friction between tool and workpiece, or workpiece and die, determines the quality and efficiency of forming.  Too high friction can cause wrinkles or tears, resulting in scrap.  Forming lubricants appear to be sensitive to temperature, so the optimal forming conditions may vary with increasing temperature, as the machines warm up.

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Falex Miller abrasivity tests in clay slurries


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Tackiness Adhesion Analyser commercially available


We have demonstrated the first commercial version of our TAA Tackiness and Adhesion Analyzer last week at the ELGI Fall meetings in Amsterdam.

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The need for an abrasion and an erosion method

WHY ? : Abrasion and erosion mechanisms are quite different from each other, and can lead to very different material behaviour.  For instance, a hard and brittle surface may be very resistant to abrasion, but sensitive to erosion under 90° impact. 

HOW ? : Using two separate test systems :

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