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Tribology is...

the study of science and engineering of surfaces touching each other in relative motion. All aspects of friction, lubrication and wear fall under this discipline. We approach tribology from the most practical point of view, asking our client the question "what is the information you are looking for ?"


Presentation on the productionizing of materials durability data, why and how, at the 1st International Conference on Engineering Solutions for Sustainable Development, 2019 - University of Miskolc, Hungary. October 2019. A step towards awareness ? Increasing the lifespan and durability of products is an efficient route to reduce waste, energy consumption, use of resources and our carbon footprint.
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Test method development

Modified & New methods
for friction, wear and lubrication problems

Equipment modifications

Improve standard equipment
New adapters and interfaces
More online data evaluation

Test plan development

Match real application with lab
Combine testing & characterisation & know-how

Failure and litigation support

Objective evaluation of products
Support in finding causes of failure

Why choose us?

Experience and know how : our people

Our labs have been providing high quality test work for the industry since more than 20 years and Falex has been building test instruments for 90 years now.  During those years, we have accumulated a vast experience to efficiently translate specific industrial tribology issues into meaningful lab testing projects.
As important as the tools, is the way you work with them.
We have been doing this work in direct contact with our industrial clients for many years and the accumulated know-how is impressive.

Do you want to challenge us ?  Feel free to call/mail or otherwise get in touch

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